The distance in semi-tones between keys

Hi Kenny, Just saw your latest blog on "Keys"......Question! The distance in semi tones between keys.... ie if key is A.... Is it 1 semi tone down to get Ab and 1 more to get G likewise is it 1 semi tone up to get Bb... and if so is it consistantly 1 up or down over the entire range???? I was at a friends Karaoke the other night and he asked the question. I couldn't answer!!!!  Gordon Hi Gordon Yes, that's correct - each key on a keyboard represents a semi-tone. The notes follow the alphabet from A up to G# but after G# instead of the next note being H, you repeat the notes again (i.e. A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#). By the [more]

Clicktrack and bass guitar tracks

Hi Kenny I have read almost all off your articles, but couldnt find any about my spesific question. What I wonder is how to send the drum track to the drummers headphones amplifire and the bass track straight to the PA system. If I have to pan those tracks, how do I do that? You see we are three in the band, guitar, keyboard and drums, and need only the bass track into the PA system. What equipment and software do we need? With regards  Mira Hi Mira It's very easy to route the stereo from a backing track to two different destinations. You don't need any special software to do this (although you will probably need some sort of headphone amplifier for your drummer if you want [more]

Intro clicks on backing tracks

Thanks to Bill for bringing up this question about intro clicks at the beginning of backing tracks... Kenny, I want to say "Thanks" for your response and the information provided. I am certain that it will be very useful. I started using customizable Backing Tracks exclusively for these arrangements and I really appreciate the quality and effort that is but into your company's recordings. For several reasons we began 3 months ago to downsize from a 5 piece band to 2 players... so, without having to burn up a lot of our time creating our own backing tracks and still cover tunes with a full sound, I was fortunate to find your company online. Admittedly I am learning my way to make this work. The Audacity software [more]

Will a full iPod charge last a gig?

There are no silly questions in this world - only questions you haven't heard answered yet. It was a pleasure to help out our customer Paul with his transition from Minidisc to iPod...  i am a solo singer, until now i have used minidisc backing tracks, i want to move forward and use ipod to mixer board. i have just found your website and it is an extremely valuable source of information, it has helped me tremendously particularly the helpful hints regarding hook up, volume settings and silent tracks for pausing etc, however, i can't find an answer to my question, i am not familiar with ipod, i am yet to buy one, i'm not familiar with an ipods physical connection layout and i do not [more]

Buying exclusive rights to a song

A good customer of ours asked me about something that's very different to exclusive rights to using a backing track - he asked about obtaining sole rights to the use of a song from the original songwriter/author (i.e. so that no-one else can sing or perform that particular song). The process of doing this is a minefield and incredibly expensive and that's if you can get a songwriter to sign away his rights to his song in the first place - getting a songwriter to sign away his songs is like asking him for his firstborn LOL...! Hi Kenny, after you have pointed out all the pitfalls I think we are going to have to make up our own songs. It is so expensive to get the [more]

Not every piece of music suits a backing track

August 15, 2012
Any piece of music can be produced as a backing track. ANY. However, there are some pieces of music that, although they can be...

USA and UK confusion over cable sizes

August 9, 2012
Gallons and litres, centimetres and yards. It’s all Europes fault! In one of your articles, “If you don’t connect your iPod to your mixing desk with...

Ah, I do love a challenge!

August 2, 2012
Okay Steve, you’ve thrown down the gauntlet, let the challenge begin LOL! Hi,  Under Backing Track Articles you say MP3 is the best format...

Changing the tone of your voice

July 27, 2012
Kenny If I may avail of your knowledge please. Over here in Northern Ireland my wife has been approached to try a Kylie tribute....

Low volume problem on the Creative Zen

July 22, 2012
Hi Kenny. I’ve recently switched to using a Creative ZEN mp3 player for live gigging. 3.5mm jack to twin 6.3mm jacks on a stereo...

Clicktracks explained

July 14, 2012
We all know that you can’t get blood from a stone and you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. We...

Yes, our tracks can be transferred on to Minidisc

July 9, 2012
A common question about buying songs from us in mp3 format and then putting them on to Minidisc… Hi  I have been using mini...

Bose L1 in an ‘L’ shaped room

July 3, 2012
Thanks to Peter for this question about getting sound around corners… I have the tl1 system with 2 subs and i sing with backing...

Understanding ‘up a key’ and ‘down a key’

June 29, 2012
Thanks to Gordon for this question about keys. Those of us who are musicians work with keys every day of our lives and often...

Mp3 players are so cheap – You MUST have one, even if it’s just as a backup

June 23, 2012
We all know that there are other media devices available that can play backing tracks besides an mp3 player. The main thing is that...
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