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Graphic EQ for Audacity

November 5th, 2008 Using Audacity

Paul from England wants to know about graphic EQ’s for Audacity…. 

Hi Kenny,
Can you recommend I site where I can download a
graphic equalizer?

Hi Paul

You could try using an EQ called Clasic EQ by Kjaerhus, a VST plugin:


You’ll need to have the VST Enabler plugin before Classic EQ (or any other VST plugin) will be recognised in your plugins folder. Download it at:


Just as an extra little note, you need to put VST plugins directly in the Audacity “Plug-Ins” folder for them to be available in the Effect menu. Audacity doesn’t always support VST plugins the makers of VST (Steinberg) sometimes restrict the use of their code. Unfortunately this often makes the use of VST plugins a bit of trial and error!



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